CISO as a Service or virtual cybersecurity team

In the modern world, companies are trying to focus on their core business functions, shifting some of the functions of full-time employees to external service providers. Cybersecurity is not an exception. This is not only effective but also beneficial for the company, considering the lack of qualified experts in the market and the cost of their services. We offer CISO as a Service and Virtual Cybersecurity Team. Instead of one or several expensive employees, your company will get a team of highly qualified experts that performs tasks in the field of cybersecurity in a quality, timely and efficient manner, without the need to hire employees.

CISOaaS – We create a cybersecurity program, considering the needs of your business, affordable budget, and industry specifics. Our experts will help to draw up the necessary documentation, highlight the most critical cybersecurity risks for business and monitor compliance with international standards. You also receive support at all stages of the program implementation, periodic threat analysis and the corresponding adjustment of the company’s cybersecurity strategy.

Virtual cybersecurity team – Our team will take on the tasks of periodically cybersecurity assessment of your business, help ensure the security of sensitive data, and prepare you to respond to potential cybersecurity incidents. You no longer need to worry about risks, threats, and vulnerabilities management. At the same time, you pay only for work you need, without allocating big budgets for an internal team, that may not always be full-time busy with their duties.