The Collapse Of Social Media Security

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Major hacks of social media platforms or a tale of 3 data ‘leaks’: Clubhouse, LinkedIn, Facebook.


Following is a list of three major security breaches to have impacted social media platforms over the past week. You’ve likely seen reports of new data hacks on Facebook and LinkedIn, which have exposed the personal information of millions of users. Now Clubhouse picked up the torch. Scraped personal data of 1.3 million Clubhouse users have reportedly been posted online.


The leaked database contains a variety of user-related information from Clubhouse profiles, including:


  • User ID
  • Name
  • Photo URL
  • Username
  • Twitter handle
  • Instagram handle
  • Number of followers
  • Number of people followed by the user
  • Account creation date
  • Invited by user profile name


Next Steps?


  • Check if your phone number and e-mail have been compromised via https://haveibeenpwned.com/
  • Change your passwords if you find your e-mail/phone number among the leaked ones
  • Consider using a password manager to create strong passwords and store them securely.
  • Beware of suspicious Clubhouse messages and connection requests from strangers.
  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on all your online accounts.
  • You may receive phishing emails and text messages, so don’t click on suspicious files/links and don’t reply to anyone you don’t know.


Paul Davidson, the chief executive of the Clubhouse, has denied that the company was hacked following reports that user data was circulating online. The denial addressed only claims the company was hacked, not whether 1.3 million Clubhouse users’ data was actually leaked online.

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