Fake COVID-19 Tests And Vaccination Certificates: How Darknet Sells Freedom

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The coronavirus topic has not lost its actuality, and the introduction of new regulations only fuels the imagination of cybercriminals. Experts from Check Point Research have discovered that fake vaccination certificates and negative COVID-19 tests are being actively sold on Darknet. In the past three months, the number of such ads has increased by more than 300%.

Hacker forums also offer to buy the vaccine out of turn. And such manufacturers as AstraZeneca, Sputnik, SINOPHARM, and Johnson & Johnson are on sale. Vendors are located in the United States and European countries, including Spain, Germany, France, and Russia.  Prices range from $500 to $1,000 per dose:

– Oxford-based AstraZeneca and China-based SINOPHARM start at $500;

– Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik V start at $600.


Now let’s return to fake “vaccine passports” and negative tests. To obtain a fake certificate, the user sends its data and receives the fake documents by email from the vendor. The cost of such a service starts at $250 – not a high price to pay for freedom. Considering that only about 1% of the world’s population has received a whole course of injections, and it is not yet clear when the others will, the demand for this offer is growing.

There are plenty of ads selling fake negative COVID-19 test results and those willing to take advantage of this service as well. The cost of the certificate starts at $25.



According to the study, hackers quickly recognized the potential market for fake documents and rapidly took advantage of the monetization opportunity. Now you can find all kinds of coronavirus-related services on Darknet – both test results and vaccination certificates.

Let us remind you that we have previously written about the cost of services on Darknet 2020.

Darknet (also known as the Hidden Network, Dark Network, Shadow Network, Dark Web) – a hidden network whose connections are established only between trusted peers, sometimes referred to as friends, using non-standard protocols and ports. An anonymous network is a system of unconnected virtual tunnels that provide encrypted transmission of data.


Source: Check Point Research


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