Secure source code review

Unfortunately, it’s not a common practice to pay attention to secure code development. Usually, business priorities for writing programs are efficient time, good appearances and working functionalities. That leads to 82% of all security vulnerabilities being located in the code.

So, if your application:

  • works with people’s personal data, financial information or any other information with restricted access;
  • must be highly available at any moment;
  • can cause any damage to your organization by being hacked or compromised –

you must consider securing the application code. The first step to that is secure source code review.

10Guards’s OSCP accredited team has a very responsible and thorough approach to reviewing the source code of applications, regardless of the language or framework. We critically go through the code to ensure it is compliant with best practices and identify common and rare vulnerabilities, such as:

  • format string exploits
  • race conditions
  • memory leaks
  • buffer overflows
  • dangerous /deprecated functions
  • mutable objects with critical purpose
  • input validation
  • bad encryption method

Our experts offer two types of secure source code review:

  • Advanced review, using automated tools for scanning and manual verification of results
  • Expert review, conducting manual scanning of each code line, followed by performing manual and automated tests.

Our specialists never change your code for fixing the bugs or improvement of structure! What we offer is a comprehensive report with a list of discovered vulnerabilities, their business impact in case of exploitation and steps for their elimination.

With 10Guards’ secure code review, the organization can protect their applications and mitigate business risks. After this procedure, developers can apply recommended best practices and prevent further flaws in your application.