How to Hack the Company in 3 Clicks

10Guards jointly with the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine conducts a master class “How to hack a company in 3 clicks” for ACC members.

Cyber Risks take second place among all business risks, and their rating continues to grow. Creating the cybersecurity strategy is the must-have for all companies with the development of new technologies. Come and join us to discuss the following topics:

  • Why cybersecurity Awareness must be generated from the top?

  • Why CEOs rather than CTOs must be responsible for cybersecurity?

  • What cyber risk management approaches are the most efficient?

  • How to make your company cyber resilient?

  • Practical cases and true stories about companies damaged through cyber incidents

  • There are 2 company types – already hacked and yet to be hacked – how to prevent, mitigate and offset the inherent risks

  • How to build up the risk-management strategy to both secure vital assets and keep pace


Vitaliy Yakushev, Operations Director, 10Guards.

Register here – http://www.chamber.ua/Events/Event/10482

We will be glad to see you!

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