Cyber risk management

Cyber risk management services include two main components: assessment of existing risks and risk management process implementation. We analyze how business works and determine main threats and risks for business processes. We create a risk matrix and conduct a qualitative and quantitative risk assessment, determine methods of response to each risk, depending on its likelihood […]


Post-cyber incident recovery

We help companies recover after cybersecurity incidents. Whether an incident response plan has existed, or when companies reach out to us only after the incident’s occurrence to eliminate or minimize its consequences, we help to resume business processes and normal company activities, to restore (wherever possible) data that has been lost or compromised during the […]


Cyber incidents forensics

We investigate cybersecurity incidents. We help determine insiders, channels of information leaks, restore data, and analyze the actions of attackers. The services cover both technical and social aspects, allowing the client to get not only digital traces of the attackers, but also to work with the staff, identifying potential attackers and their accomplices