80% of cyber breaches caused by skills gap

“The skills gap isn’t just a talent shortage challenge, but it’s also severely impacting business, making it a top concern for executive leaders worldwide,” said Sandra Wheatley, SVP Marketing, Threat Intelligence and Influencer Communications at Fortinet.   Cybersecurity skills gap and shortage of talent are responsible for 80% of breaches say a global report from […]


We should Learn How To Zero-Trust

Any CISO will tell you one of the biggest issues they face is insider threats — particularly in large organizations where sensitive data is plentiful and easy to take.   With the growing number of cyberattacks and data breaches, businesses are swiftly approaching more robust security mechanisms. And zero trust architecture is one of them. […]


The Deepfake is here. How to Protect Your Business

Amid pandemic disruptions, burnout, and geopolitically motivated cyberattacks, what are the challenges faced by business and security teams?   A new VMware, Inc. Global Incident Response Threat Report reveals that security teams are dealing with increased cyberattacks since Russia invaded Ukraine and other emerging threats such as deepfakes, attacks on APIs, and cybercriminals targeting incident […]

Hackers need just 15 minutes to scan for vulnerable devices after bug disclosure

  Hackers around the world have resorted to a ridiculously simple tactic where they scan official websites of software vendors for announcements of vulnerabilities and start scanning for them in the software’s system within as less as 15 minutes of the official disclosure, latest research has revealed.   The revelation comes amidst ever-increasing disclosures of […]


Here we are: 1 in 3 employees don’t understand why cybersecurity is important

  Even worse – only 39% say they’re ‘very likely’ to report a security incident.   A startling new report indicates the disconnect between employees and their company’s cybersecurity efforts.   Nearly one in three (30%) employees don’t think they personally play a role in maintaining their company’s cybersecurity posture, according to new research from […]