Will Customers Stay With You After a Data Breach

Imagine, you have spent many years building relationships with customers, spending a lot of effort, money on the development of your product and team. Everything is going fine until they decide to hack you. How will the news of the data leak affect your customers’ behavior? According to Ping Identity* research, 81% of consumers would have broken off their relationship with the brand immediately after such an incident.

With increased awareness of data leaks and a high probability of data misuse by businesses, more and more people are concerned about the protection of personal information. Thus, 63% of consumers believe that the company is ALWAYS responsible for data protection. Even when users themselves become victims of phishing frauds or use unencrypted Wi-Fi connections. The survey also showed that 49% of respondents are more concerned about protecting their personal information than they were a year ago.

People have the least trust in social media: only 28% of respondents said they are confident that these platforms are able to protect their personal information. In addition, nearly two-thirds of consumers (65%) are dissatisfied with the ability to log in, and a third (33%) have stopped using their devices, applications or services.

Of course, companies are risking to lose customers and damage their reputation if they don’t have strong cybersecurity. However, organizations that provide ‘safe’ services have a competitive advantage over those who don’t.

*More than 4 thousand people all over the world took part in the Ping Identity research.


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