What Do Your Devices Know about You?


  • Web browser autofill
  • Stored in the file system

Deleted files

  • All deleted files, including ones no longer in recycle bin or trash, can be recovered until physical storage space overwritten

Bank Account Info

  • Downloaded bank statements

Recent Files

  • List kept by operating system
  • Various applications keep their own recent file lists


  • Address book

Current Location

  • Readable off your GPS

Recent Locations

  • Photos
  • Navigation apps

Recent Visited Sites

  • Browser´s cache
  • Browser´s history
  • Cookies

Name and Address

  • Web browser autofill
  • Address book

Phone Calls

  • Call log stored on phone

Text Messages

  • Text log stored on phone

Credit Card Numbers

  • Web browser autofill
  • Downloaded credit card statements

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