Cyberpandora Box: What`s In?

The number of cyberattacks is breaking all records! Earlier experts predicted that in 2020 the figure will increase by 4 times. The year just began, and this figure already reached the predicted number. Such dramatic growth can be explained by the transition of companies to remote work due to coronavirus. Hackers target their weapons at defenseless employees, and with their help penetrate corporate networks.

What’s the reason?

The number of compromised organizations in Europe and the United States has almost quadrupled since the pandemic began. According to Finland-based Arctic Security, nine European countries and the United States have seen a dramatic increase in the number of compromised networks by almost 300%. Experts found that the number of hacked networks was less than 4,000 in January but reached 12,000 in March. Italy had the highest number of such cases in January and February.

Nobody knows what caused such rapid growth in the number of compromised organizations. Working from home served as a catalyst. When employees are in the office, many dangers are filtered out by the corporate firewall and cybersecurity staff. But outside the office, you can rely only on the VPN and yourself.

WHO – hello again

We have mentioned that cybercriminals regularly compromise the World Health Organization. Cyberattacks, distributing of phishing emails and fundraising to fight COVID-19 on behalf of the organization are not the whole list of hackers’ tricks.

WHO reports a fivefold increase in the number of cyberattacks and urges increased vigilance. Recently, about 450 of their email addresses and passwords leaked to the Internet. The leaked credentials did not endanger the organization’s internal systems. The attack affected an older offline system used by current and retired staff members as well as partners.

WHO is now working with the private sector to develop more resilient internal systems and strengthen cybersecurity measures as well as providing staff training.

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