Cyber Nanny – The Series That You Should Watch

One of our goals is to create a critical mass of cyber educated people who can protect themselves from online fraud. That’s why we were happy to start working on a new governmental project – educational series about cybersecurity called “Cyber Nanny”. Our Operations Director Vitaliy Yakushev became one of the main characters in this story!

The key feature of the series is the simplicity of the cybersecurity topic presentation so everybody can understand it. By the way, the first episode of “Cyber Nanny” is already available. There will be 10 episodes that will help Ukrainians to feel more confident among the threats of the digital world.

After the course, everyone will be able:

– to protect their data and money online

– to understand the role of cybersecurity in everyday life

– to see that cybersecurity is not necessarily difficult

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the series creation!

Source: Osvita Diia

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